About Curtis Septic Service

Curtis Septic Service is locally owned and operated by Andy Curtis for over 28 years. We pride ourselves on our highly trained, friendly staff and the quality of our services.

Curtis Septic Service is please to offer you the following:

Services We Provide ~ Videos
Septic Pumping
All of our drivers are state licensed inspectors. We offer a free visual inspection during each pumping. We keep very accurate records of your system location, condition and solid build-up in your tank. This allows us to remind you to service your tank at the right time. We pump septic systems and grease traps
Title 5 Inspections
We have state licensed Title V inspectors with many years of experience, who will perform an honest and accurate inspection of your septic system at the time of the sale of your house. We offer free advice and the least expensive options to repair your septic system if need be.
Video Pipe Inspections
Our high-tech cameras (with up to a 200 foot reach) allow us to find problems in underground pipes without digging. We also offer this service to home buyers who want to go further than a Title 5 inspection to make sure no potential problems exist with the septic system piping and the leach field.
Benefits of this technology:
 • Less property damage (we can pinpoint a problem and only dig in that spot)
 • Less Time & Expense
Ground Thawing
We have specialized tools for thawing the snow cover that allows us to excavate frozen ground.
Drain Cleaning
We offer a complete drain cleaning service from sinks to main sewers.
 • Water Jetting Machines
 • Electric Cable Machines
 • Camera Inspection
 • Leak Detection
Electronic Locating
All of our trucks are equipped with the latest in tank and pipe location equipment minimizing expense, time, and damage to landscape, driveways, walkways, etc. Whether marking out pipes and system components for swimming pools or new additions, or locating your septic tank cover for routine maintenance..... this makes it easy.
Odor Leak Detection
This machine will blow non-toxic smoke into your plumbing and septic system to detect a leak causing the source of odor.
Large Excavations
We have the equipment and experieince for large excavations: septic systems and sewer installations.
Small Excavations
We can get into all the hard to reach areas for work like replacing a distribution box or pipe repair.

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We are currently licensed to work in the following towns in Massachusetts: Ashburnham, Ashby, Auburn, Ayer, Berlin, Bolton, Boylston, Boxborough, Dustable, Fitchburg, Grafton, Groton, Holden, Hudson, Leominster, Littleton, Luneburg, Marlborough, Millbury, Northboro, Northbridge, Paxton, Shirley, Shrewsbury, Sterling, Stowe, Sudbury, Sutton, Townsend, Upton, Wayland, West Boylston